MediaMarktSaturn ignites the next stage in its marketing transformation with the allocation of international media management

Since the launch of its Europe-wide brand campaign "Let's Go" in October 2022, the Company has been working on the continuous evolvement of its brand. Now, with a new media agency that is working across national borders for the first time, the full opportunities are also to be exploited in the media sector.

Since October 2022, MediaMarktSaturn has been using the term "Experience Electronics" to describe its repositioning - and at the same time the range of services for its customers. To accompany this, the Company has initiated a comprehensive marketing transformation. The award of the international media budget to the Publicis Group not only creates new synergies: MediaMarktSaturn is taking marketing to the next level of customer-centric and even more personalized communication. 

The right content, the right advice and the right service: In autumn 2022, MediaMarktSaturn launched its first international campaign concept for all countries in which the Company operates.

The Company has created strong proof points for its experience strategy with storytelling campaigns on the topic of mindfulness, such as for Valentine's Day or Christmas, colorful Black Friday communication and a new brand design for the digital age with an emphasis on the iconic "brand swirl". Hence, the focus is on the customer experience and personal advice. 

Michael Schuld, CCMO of MediaMarktSaturn, emphasizes: "Our brand is the centerpiece when it comes to further strengthening our brand purpose 'We create Experience Electronics to enrich people’s life'. Now we are taking the next logical step towards becoming an Experience Champion, also in regard to media."

Further development towards even more personalized and data-supported communication

The Company has just completed the tendering process for a new media agency, at the first time Europe-wide, to exploit the full opportunities also in the area of media, like MediaMarktSaturn did with the brand. The decision is the result of an almost eight-month, multi-stage process to which four major media agency networks were invited. This was the largest international pitch in MediaMarktSaturn's history. The aim of was to further optimize strategy and planning, increase efficiencies, and develop cutting-edge capabilities through data-driven, personalized communication.

The new set-up with the international Publicis media network ensures the right balance between global, efficient media management and locally adapted tactical implementation. Thanks to a new data-based platform, the full potential is exploited: from the creation and use of insights for optimized planning, to perfect targeting across channels, to comprehensive analytics and reporting. 

The consolidation of the agency network makes a new level of exchange between MediaMarktSaturn’s eleven countries possible. New technological possibilities in the ad-tech-stack area should also ensure more efficient use of the media budget and continuous optimization of campaign performance in real time. "We are creating a perfectly networked foundation that gives us new intelligence and new access to analytics. This will further boost our marketing in a data-driven way," explains Michael Schuld. 

The new media agency will manage a budget in the three-digit million range and will launch in October 2024. The pitch was accompanied nationally and internationally by the media management consultancy BRAIN, Munich.

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