2 Days, 35 Hackers, 3 Use Cases – Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence

MediaMarktSaturn, together with business and strategy consultancy Accenture, successfully hosted a hackathon on Large Language Models (LLMs) for two days. Large Language Models, which are a well-known by the popular chatbot ChatGPT among others, are large generative language models with Artificial Intelligence. They are capable of understanding, processing and generating natural language.

The goal of this two-day event was to create a starting point for the structured integration and operationalization of artificial intelligence in the form of LLMs to open up new application areas for MediaMarktSaturn. To this end, 35 specialists and developers from both companies worked together on three different use cases from this area and were to develop functioning prototypes.

The following three use cases were worked on: 

  • AI live advisor: the goal was to create a chat and voicebot for AI-enabled customer support online and in the market. This approach promises a new level of customer advice and support. 
  • SEO optimization: LLMs offer great potential for improving search engine optimization. Here, work has been done in particular on automated SEO mark-up and metadata creation. On this basis, MediaMarktSaturn intends to further expand the reach of its online stores. 
  • Hyper-personalization and digital marketing: Solutions were to be developed that deal with the creation of modules for text and image generation for marketing purposes in social media, newsletters and online stores. The systems promise to address customers even faster and more individually. 

One thing was clear at the end of the two-day hackathon: it was a complete success. All three groups were able to present promising prototypes that are now being further developed. We are excited about the interdisciplinary collaboration, the commitment of the participants and the progress that was achieved in the short time. We are looking forward to the further implementation of the prototypes and hopefully see them in live operation soon.

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