Focus on the customer

Customer satisfaction at MediaMarktSaturn

Our customers are our focus. That's why we regularly conduct customer surveys. With the NPS (Net Promoter Score), we can measure the insights gained and customer satisfaction.

The NPS is an internationally recognized method for determining the customer's willingness to recommend MediaMarktSaturn to others. The higher the score, the higher the customer satisfaction, with +100 being the best possible value.

At MediaMarktSaturn, we have made it our mission to put the customer and their interests and wishes at the center of every activity and decision made by our company.

Knowing our customers' experiences enables us to offer our customers a positive and exceptional experience at MediaMarkt and Saturn that they are happy to recommend to others.

To this end, e-mail surveys are sent to our customers after a purchase in-store or online and after using a service, e.g. delivery, installation or repair. We also carry out regular surveys of non-buyers. Every piece of information helps us to further optimize our services and ensure the best customer experience.